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The Main Squeeze

Squeeze more profit out of your business. by becoming one of our branded beverage partner location. Grow your profit from beverage sales by 200%. Interested in proudly serving Squeeze and Teas at no added cost to you? 

Break the Ice. Complete the interest form.

Interested in attracting additional customers with an iconic beverage brand? Interested in increasing profits by adding a premium beverage experience?


What's the Tea? We will schedule a kick off call.

We hope that we are your cup of tea but a good old fashion conversation is how we like to kick off the relationship.  In a 45 minute call we share our story, the benefits of partnering and hear your business vision. 


I'll Toast to That. Make it official. 

If you like what you see and want to turn a loss leader into the profit leader, let's work together. Click here to download or request the brand licensing agreement. 

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Let's Get Started

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