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We love this business, we love being mobile and attending festivals and private events.  As  more people move into the gig economy we get calls all the time asking how we got into this business, how did we develop our recipes, create our mobile drink bar, how we price everything and generally what we do and how we do it. And then comes the money question ... does this make money.  Everyone wants to know how the numbers work and if this is a viable business.

An urban mobile drink business is a great one. Festivals and Weddings alone, nationwide over two million couples get married. A new audience year over year to engage with. Your earning potential is only limited by how many days a week you want to put the bars to work. Weekday corporate events, private parties, graduations ... you name it. Mobile bars have the opportunity to be a seven-day a week opportunity. You set your schedule and determine your income. Looking for real numbers?

We bring everything to the table to fast track your business with options starting below 90% of most franchise costs. 


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